Platinum 100th anniversary Century"THE PRIME"

Item no: Pl-1173090SF

€958,68 EUR

The pen is named "The Prime", the barrel and cap are made of sterling silver, with a finely grooved pattern, these grooves are filled with black lacquer. The nib is made of 14 karat gold and has a special engraving, available in fine, medium and wide.

This pen is also equipped with the so-called "Slip & amp; Seal" mechanism. Basically, the inner cap is freely rotating and resiliently placed in the cap sleeve. On the short side of the shell there is a non-slip edge around the ink guide and nib. It is there where the spring-loaded inner cap closes. In addition, this inner cap fits tightly around the nib. This combination ensures that the pen does not dry out.

Platinum claims that the pen, filled with ink, can be stored for a long time without drying out. We are not talking about weeks, but about a time span of no less than a year! An additional advantage is that the pin also behaves leak-free in a pressurized cabin aircraft.t.

Only 2000 pieces of this "Platinum Prime" have been made, the unique number of the pen is engraved on the back of the cap. The pen comes in a special gift box with a Platinum blue-black ink bottle 60ml, an ink cartridge, a chrome converter and a 100th anniversary booklet.n.

Nib: 14 krt. gold
Writing thickness: Soft Fine SFF)
Edition: 2000 pieces
Year: 2019

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