Platinum Curidas Graphite Smoke Retractable fountain pen

Item no: 1738071

€70,25 EUR

The Platinum Curidas is a fountain pen with a push mechanism as if it were a ballpoint pen. However, the Curidas has a steel nib, which is available in three writing widths; XF, F and M. The steel clip can be easily removed with an included plastic tool. The name "Curidas" is a neologism that combines the English word "curiosity" with the Japanese word "Kuridasu", which means to roll out or release, in this case bringing out the nib by a simple pressure movement.

A striking feature is the long push button, which is used to operate the pen tip. The length of this button is necessary because the nib also needs a good seal in the retracted position, an additional complication in the design of this type of fountain pens. The pen can be filled with Platinum cartridges or with a converter not included. The housing is transparent plastic available in different colors and looks like the new Platinum Prefounte fountain pen. Just like with the Capless, the nib of this Curidas is also easy to remove from the housing to be able to clean it properly or to provide it with a new cartridge.n.

The delay is a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that currently prevents certain parts of the pen from being manufactured. Platinum hopes to resume production in the fall of November 2020, but this too is subject to change as no one can predict the end of the pandemic. Platinum will notify us as soon as the pen can go back into productionan

Transparent housing
Removable clip
Full length: 153 mm
Diameter: 13.8 mm
Weight: 24 gram

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