Sailor King of Pens Black Ebonite Rhodium Trim fountain pen

Item no: 11-9704-*20M

€1.125 EUR
The Sailor "King of Pen" is a beautiful oversized fountain pen made of ebonite. Characteristic of this handmade King of Pen is the lack of a cap ring or other fittings (except for the clip). This gives this collection a chic, sober, but above all "Japanese" look. These fountain pens have an oversized 21 krt. golden nib, its size and its subtle flexibility ensure a special writing experience. The fountain pen can be filled with Sailor cartridges or with the supplied converter.

Ebonite and color change.
The very first fountain pens were made from ebonite. It is particularly strong and shatter-resistant and will not be affected by ink. An ideal material for the fountain pen pioneers from the beginning of the last century, such as: Waterman, Meteor, Swan etc.

The Sailor King of Pens comes with a slightly polished surface and has a beautiful subtle black sheen. Once in use, the influence of light, especially sunlight (UV), causes the color and gloss to change. The pen becomes slightly duller and the black changes to a very dark brown/grey. This belongs to this type of material (ebonite) and actually gives the pen something very authentic.

If you don't like this natural "aging process", Sailor also offers the King of Pens with a Urushi finish, the shine is then preserved. Moreover, in addition to the models mentioned, there is also a variant made entirely of plastic.

The King of Pen comes in an attractive wooden gift box, complete with warranty papers, a converter, a starter pack of cartridges, a polishing cloth and a bottle of Sailor ink.

PS Each King of Pen is handmade in Japan and production times may vary. While we always try to keep this pen in stock, sometimes demand can exceed supply.

Nib: 21 krt. gold.

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