Sailor Pro Gear Cocktail 10th Anniversary fountain pens - loose sale

€325 EUR

The Cocktail series previously appeared mainly in Japan, each time in a surprising"Cocktail colour". This collection has also been available in Europe since last year.

The fountain pens from the Cocktail series are now available separately for €390 each with a medium nib.

The fountain pen is equipped with a 21 krt. gold nib and can be filled with cartridges or with the supplied converter. Only 1 of each pen is available. The Cocktail Series 10th Anniversary set consists of:

- Asian Way (2011)

- Mojito (2012)

- Black Velvet (2013)

- Piccadilly Night (2014)

- Old Fashioned (2015)

- Blue Lagoon (2016)

- Apres Ski (2017)

- Tequila Sunrise (2018)

- Angel's Delight (2019)

- Kure Azur (2020)

Colour: Asian way (2011)

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