Sailor Pro Gear Slim Shikiori Grateful Crane Light Blue fountain pen

€152,89 EUR

The Shikiori Fairytale collection is a series of four special editions from Sailor. Each pen combines a season with a well-known story from Japanese myth and folklore. The fountain pens have the proportions of the Professional Gear Slim series. In addition to the fountain pen, a ballpoint pen is also available. Four different colors are each provided with a subtle gold powder. The nib is made of 14 kt gold and the fittings are gold-plated, the pen can be filled with cartridges or with the supplied converter.

Grateful Crane

"Crane's Return of a Favor" Tsuru no Ongashi is a legend that tells of a crane that is shot by hunters, but is rescued by a man on a cold winter day. The tap repays the man with fortune and food in the form of a beautiful woman, at least for a while.e.

Nib: 14 krt. gold
Dimensions: 17mm x 124mm

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