Sailor Pro Gear Storm over the ocean fountain pen

Item no: 11-3381-250

€325 EUR

The Sailor Pro Gear Storm over the ocean fountain pen. the Professional Gear series has just been joined by a spectacular edition and is sure to capture the imagination of so many pen aficionados. Inspired by Mother Nature's incredible spectacle of light and vibrant colors, the new Sailor Storm over the Ocean looks like that little spark of inspiration you need to fuel your creativity and boost your writing flow.

this edition is offered in three different sizes, a King of Pens version, Standard Fountain Pen and a Slim version.

And you may already know that Sailor has refined its classic and famous logo, giving it a more modern touch, well, the nibs of all three models have the new logo engraved, and moreover, to keep the design in the same shades, the nib also has a chrome finish, which we really like! With a matching nib, the King of Pens nib is offered in 21k gold. The same goes for the Standard (21k gold) with an exception for the Slim version, whose nib is made of 14k gold.

ProGear King of Pens:M, B, 21k gold with rhodium plating

Pro Gear Standard Fountain Pen:F, M, B 21k Gold with Rhodium Plating

Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen:EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, 14k Gold Gold with Rhodium Plating

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