Sailor progear slim veilio pearl mint fountain pen

Item no: 115045267

€382 EUR

Sailor introduces the second edition of VEILIO, the series created from the image of a "VEIL" ("veil") combined with swirls of "ILO" ("color" in Japanese).

Flowing marble patterns running through the transparent acrylic barrel appear to form a flowing bridal veil that mysteriously covers the 'face' of the fountain pen. The transparent body allows the beauty of VEILIO to be seen, inside and out.

Transparent body

Admire the beauty of the glossy and smooth transparent body through which flowing marble patterns flow and intriguing glimpses of the ink and internal components such as the VEILIO's special colored converter. Forming and polishing the outside of the body and cap with a lathe is a common process, but polishing the inside of transparent material without leaving noticeable cut marks has been impossible until now. Sailor Pen uses a special turning blade for the VEILIO series to carefully polish the inner surface of the fountain pens one by one, for a finish that is seductively flawless both inside and out.

21k gold nibs

The 21k gold nib is the result of Sailor Pen's own craftsmanship. 21k gold is more flexible than 14k and 18k gold, which are commonly used in fountain pen nibs, so even under heavy writing pressure the groove in the nib will not open, better preventing the ink from drying out. Sailor's 21k gold nibs glide across the paper with smooth grace with a consistently stable flow of ink, allowing the writer to enjoy a superior comfort known as the "feather's touch". The VEILIO series is made to order and offers the freedom to choose your desired nib style from 7 nib grades.

Special converter

The base material of the cap and body are transparent, allowing you to get an intriguing glimpse of the inside of the fountain pen through the marble patterns. VEILIO series fountain pens feature special converters in colors that match the colors of the body, for a stylish, consistent appearance.

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