Sailor Wajima Bijou Sapphire 21K fountain pen

Item no: 10-9684-240

€1.500 EUR

The Japanese technique of Urushi-nuri, lacquer coating, is becoming more and more popular. Examples of this lacquer work can be found all over Japan.

The pen is coated with Urushi lacquer, the top of the cap is finished with mother-of-pearl maki-e finish and the end of the body is colored to represent a jewel. Each jewel has its own meaning and the pens are made with this meaning thoughts.

Coral stands for happiness, healing, empowerment.

The Coral pen has gold plated metal parts and section, the Sapphire has chrome plated metal parts and section.

Pens come in a wooden box and are limited to 300 pieces worldwide. The unique number of the pen is engraved in the band of the cap.

The pen contains a 21k gold bi-color nib.

A red version of this fountain pen is also available:Sailor Wajima Bijou Coral fountain pen.

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