Scribo Feel Gray Blue fountain pen

Item no: SRFEEL-BG-EF-flex

€586,78 EUR
The body of the pen is shaped after a Doric column and is twisted from a solid bar. Both the barrel and the cap have a small "entasis", this is a subtle arc with which the material narrows slightly. This stately neo-classic shape gives the pen a timeless look. The nibs are available with exactly the same specifications as those with which the latest Omas models were released. The Scribo Feel can be supplied with either an 18-carat gold nib or a 14-carat gold extra flexible nib, the feed is made of ebonite. Of course, these fountain pens are equipped with a classic piston mechanism. The Scribo Feel comes in a beautiful gift box and is accompanied by a hand-made leather and cotton case suitable for two pens.

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