Scribo La Dotta Moline LE fountain pen

€533,06 EUR

Scribo has created another love song for the city of Bologna, in the form of two new additions to the La Dotta collection:Piella, with its mosaic blue, and Moline, with a pearlescent light blue.

“If you pass under the porches of Bologna, you can come across a small window that can arouse a sense of wonder in anyone who opens it. This 'finestrella' is located on Via Piella, one of the many busy streets of the city center. Once opened, it reveals the Moline Canal:a watercourse, mostly hidden under the ground, that becomes visible in that part of the city that flows between the balconies of the houses. When you look out of that small window, you see the typical red of the Bolognese buildings, mixed not only with the blue of the sky, but also with another, unexpected, type of blue that comes from the light dancing on the water. You see Bologna thinking about a canal you never thought you would find there and you start to wonder about the beauty of the unforeseen. To discover something means to make it visible, to reveal it, just like when you reveal a beautiful view by opening an apparently dull window.”

Only 219 copies of each color will be made.

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