Scribo Feel Spaggia Rosa fountain pen

€586,78 EUR

The Scribo Feel Spaggia Rosa fountain pen is one of the two new editions of the Scribo FEEL and is inspired by the clear water that breaks on the reddish coastline, by the Mediterranean vegetation that gives colors and scents of paradise on earth, by the Maddalena- archipelago and its 'Spiaggia Rosa'.

The Maddalena Archipelago is an archipelago northeast of Sardinia, off the coast of Gallura, consisting of 62 islands and islets. It is characterized by breathtaking views, natural beauty and pristine emerald waters. On one of these islands, Budelli, you can admire a true masterpiece of nature: la Spiaggia Rosa' (the pink beach). It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the view gives unforgettable emotions. The beach gets its name from the pink color of the sand, rich in tiny fragments of coral, granite, shells and mollusks..

Only 219 copies of the Spiaggia Rosa will be available worldwide.

The Scribo Feel fountain pen has an 18kt gold or a 14kt gold flex nib. A unique nib, the same nib used by Omas and that is the foundation stone for Scribo to start a brand new story of Italian creativity. The perfect match for Scribo's historic nib is undoubtedly the ebonite feeder, which improves on the always ready, generous, soft and accurate writing, thanks to the use of the classic piston filling system that can hold up to 1.42ml of ink.

The body of the pen, which slides in the shape of the Doric column, is turned by hand from a sturdy rod. The cap, barrel and knob, characterized by a light entasis (from the Greek word εντείνω) that enhances the shape, describe a stately object with a neoclassical, elegant and timeless design. Even the nib holder, before tapering to the classic round part, is finished with a touch of facet that eases the handle and allows you to better manage the angle at which you want to use the nib. Feel is an invitation to live a unique writing experience of the highest quality; it is an incentive to find everyone's own writing style, it is a tribute to the aesthetics of handwriting and the pleasure of writing.n.

Scribo is a young Italian brand with a long history behind it. The Scribo project started on the same day that the glorious history of Omas, a historic Bolognese company that has become a cult in the world of fountain pen collectors, ended. With Scribo, an acronym for Scrittura Bolognese, the brand ideally takes over so that handwriting, as a story about retrieving ancient art, can be pursued.

The delivery time of this pen is approximately 3 weeks.

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