TWSBI Classic fountain pen Sapphire

Item no: M7443640

€53,72 EUR

Holder and cap are made of strong polycarbonate. Although the pen is round, the barrel and cap clearly have four flat sides, making the pen a bit similar in shape to the old opera models of Visconti, but now much slimmer. All fittings, clip and rings are chrome plated.

The fountain pens are available in black, burgundy, dark blue, white and turquoise.The turquoise will be produced once and have an ink window so that the contents can be clearly seen. This pen is also easy to disassemble completely for those who are more adventurous. A key and some grease for the piston are included in the package..

The pen has a rubber 0-ring on the barrel, which acts as an extra gasket when the cap is screwed onto the pen. The TWSBIs feel great, nibs are made of steel, available in different writing widths..

Nib: Steel

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