Visconti Opera Master Polynesia roller

Item no: KP28-01-RB

€528,93 EUR

The Polynesian Islands are known for beautiful beaches, serene blue seas and coral reefs that glisten in the clear waters. The new Opera Master Polynesia is inspired by this archipelago.

The Opera Master is a beautiful oversized pen that can perhaps even be described as a style icon over the years. The partly transparent fountain pen features Visconti's double reservoir filling system and the new, completely in-house manufactured, 18-carat gold nib. The closure of fountain pen and roller illustrates Visconti's craftsmanship:the closing system between the cap and the barrel is both special and user-friendly. It works with a spring-loaded inner cap as a kind of bayonet closure, which is easy to open and close but will never come off by itself. In addition to the fountain pen, a rollerball pen is also available, each is limited to 888 pieces worldwide.

Edition:888 pieces

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