Visconti Van Gogh Dr Gachet ballpoint pen

Item no: KP12-08-BP

€181,82 EUR
This pen is based on the first portrait that van Gogh made in 1890 of Dr. Paul Gachet, his head resting on his right hand. This doctor and artist took care of Vincent van Gogh, on the advice of his brother Theo, in the last months of his life. In this portrait, the blue-gray color tones predominate, along with short streaks of yellow.

The name of the painting in question and the name of "Van Gogh" are embossed on each cap of this Van Gogh collection. The pens will be packed in the new packaging with the self-portrait of Van Gogh on the top. In the box we find a bookmark on which a copy of Van Gogh's artwork is printed. This new Van Gogh collection will be delivered with the recently launched new nib that Visconti manufactures in-house.

Holder and cap each have 18 tightly cut facets, which sets this van Gogh collection apart in a special way. Because the color streaks in the resin are never the same, every pen in the Van Gogh series is a real one of a kind. The fountain pen and roller are fitted with a cap with magnetic closure. There is also a ballpoint pen with gel refill and we can convert it to a 0.7mm mechanical pencil on request.

You can personalize your Visconti pen with Visconti's "My Pen System". The Visconti logo on top of the cap can be easily removed with a small magnet. Instead of this logo, two initials can be placed. You canhere found in our webshop.

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