Visconti Van Gogh LE fountain pen set 12 pieces

Item no: Vis-Gogh_set

€1.942,15 EUR
A total of 12 Van Gogh sets will be released in the coming years, each with a well-known Van Gogh painting as its theme. Not all of these colors are already available separately, but a limited set has been released that contains all colors. The 12 fountain pens come in a beautiful storage box that can easily be hung on the wall.

Starry Night: Blue with light blue, yellow and orange veins
Portait Blue: Light blue-turquoise, with red stripes
Dr. Gachet: Gray and blue, graduated with light blue and brown
Orchard in blossom View of Arles: soft blue with lavender blue and pink nuances
Irises: Light bright green, with yellow and purple brushstrokes
Sunflowers: Yellow with orange and green accents
Pollard willows: Brown and green with multi-colored stripes from blue to rust red
Vincent's chair: Yellow with green and blue stripes
Cream in Arles: Brown with orange and rusty red tones
Gauguin's chair: Dark blue-green with beige and burgundy veins
Van Gogh Shoes: Beige with black and gray accents
Pine trees: a mix of green, orange and yellow
The set comes standard with medium steel nibs.

You can personalize your Visconti pen with Visconti's "My Pen System". The Visconti logo on top of the cap can be easily removed with a small magnet. Instead of this logo, two initials can be placed. You canhere found in our webshop.

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