Wahl-Eversharp Decoband plain black fountain pen

€809,92 EUR
The new Wahl-Eversharp Decoband fountain pens are beautiful oversized fountain pens modeled after the (smaller) original from 1928. Two ebonite versions are available, one in black and the other in "Rosewood", beautiful brown striped vulcanized rubber. In addition, there are two plastic variants, one in blue marbled acrylic and the last new one as "Demonstrator" in completely transparent material. All fittings, clip and rings on these pins are gold plated. The wide cap ring is engraved with a Greek rim with two thin rings on either side. The clip, with wheel is mounted low in the cap sleeve with the "Golden Seal" above it (in those days symbol for a lifetime warranty).

The DecoBand is equipped with a pneumatic (One -Touch) filling system as used by Sheaffer and Chilton in the late 1920s. The extreme end of the container can be unscrewed, then the inner tube should be pulled out as far as possible. The holder then fills itself completely with air through the small valve hole at the end of the barrel.

Then the nib is dipped in the ink and the pulled-out part is pushed back again, while If you cover the small valve hole at the end of the barrel with your finger, now the column of air is compressed which in turn pushes the rubber bag. When the finger is lifted after the blow, the compressed air can escape and the bag bulge again and suck up the ink. The pen is filled with more than 2 ml of ink.

The large 14 krt. nib is available in two different varieties; "Superflex" which has a line variation from fine to wide and the slightly stiffer "Goldflex" with a line variation from extra fine to medium. The large ebonite ink guide is beautifully finished with glossy red urushi lacquer and is reminiscent of a classic French Louboutin shoe with red sole.

The pen comes in a beautiful black lacquered gift box with ink bottle , exclusively at Akkerman The Hague.

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