Waterman Allure pastel Green ballpoint pen

Item no: 2105304

€19,38 EUR

<meta charset = "utf-8"> <p> <span> This Waterman Allure is the entry-level model of Waterman. Yet it is now almost a classic, because in recent decades we have known variants of Aquarius such as the Apostrophe and Graduate that had exactly the same looks. Practice in recent years has shown that these are fine reliable and above all inexpensive fountain pens. The pens have a sleek and contemporary design without any frills. </span> <br> <br> <span> In addition to the standard versions in red, light blue and black, the collection is now also available in a number of beautiful pastel shades. You can fill the fountain pen with cartridges or with the help of a converter from the ink bottle (not included), the ballpoint pen has a push mechanism. </span> </p>

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