Pilot Capless Maki-E Raden Galaxy fountain pen

€508 EUR

Pilot Namiki Capless Recommend Galaxy Fountain Pen. The pinnacle of capless fountain pens with maki-e technique applied to the barrel. “Capless Raden” is the highest quality capless fountain pen that uses the mother-of-pearl technique, where thin strips of mother-of-pearl on the inside of a shell are sprinkled over lacquer. The shaft has a design that highlights the beauty of the iridescent sheen of shells in a jet black sheen.

The nib is 18K, which provides a smooth writing feel."Capless"is the world's first retractable fountain pen, developed and commercialized by PILOT, and has been a long-selling product for about half a century since its introduction in 1963. Retractable pen like Le Pen, you can write quickly with one click, and when the nib is retracted, the highly airtight shutter mechanism prevents ink from leaking and drying. It is highly praised not only in Japan but also abroad for its creative ideas and excellent functionality. Supplied in wooden Namiki gift box.

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