Kaweco AL Sport Black Piston filler fountain pen set

Item no: 1511339

€142,98 EUR

The Kaweco AL Sport Piston Filler is one of the smallest in proportion to its size and ink volume. This is made possible thanks to its clever and compact mechanism. The iconic pocket-sized fountain pen measures only 10.5 cm when closed and extends to an average of 13 cm with the cap on. Due to its small size, the pen is ideal for on-the-go use and provides a long and pleasant writing experience.

Thanks to the transparent ink window, you can always keep an eye on the ink level. When the ink runs out, the piston filler can be quickly and easily refilled thanks to its exceptionally smooth refill mechanism.

The matte, anodized surface of the robust aluminum body is highly durable and gives the pen a premium feel. The perfect balance between the weight and diameter of the fountain pen also ensures that the hand does not get tired, even after extended periods of writing.

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