Kaweco Sport Collection Fountain Pen Apricot Pearl 2024 Limited Edition

Item no: 1511258

€26,45 EUR

Two years after the successful release of the Iridescent Pearl, Kaweco proudly introduces a limited edition from 2024 with refreshing colors and iridescent effect. The Kaweco Collection Apricot Pearl fountain pen unleashes the creative spirit. The subtle shade of orange changes into pearly, shimmering green depending on the incident light. Kaweco has added gold elements to the fountain pen to perfectly match the warm appearance of the color.

This combination radiates a relaxed, positive atmosphere and ensures that the stress of everyday life immediately disappears. The packaging completes the overall design. The special paper imitates the visual effect of the writing instrument and makes the Collection variant an eye-catcher even when still packaged. Kaweco Sport Collection Apricot Pearl is made of high-quality plastic in Germany. The famous brand "Kaweco Sport" has been revised with a new engraving "Kaweco Collection" available only on this series. Something special was created in 1911 with the Kaweco Sport.

A pocket fountain pen that measures only 10.5 cm closed and therefore came in handy as a daily carrying case. When placing the cap on the holder, the pen was 13 cm. In the past, it was advertised for women, men and athletes. Eleven colorful inks, the Kaweco mini converter and clips in gold, silver, bronze and black are perfect accessories for this fountain pen. To protect the pen, you can choose from a wide choice of cases for sports pens.

Click on the following links to get one kaweco sport retro clip or a Kaweco Sport Classic clip to add to your Kaweco sports pen! The clips are available in different colors.

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