Nakaya Cigar Piccolo Aka-tamenuri Lotus fountain pen

€917,36 EUR

The Nakaya Writer Piccolo Aka-tamenuri Lotus fountain pen is made of ebonite that is finished with a beautiful Wajami urishi lacquer. This compact small size fits nicely in the hand, without the need to"post"the cap. Ebonite is a light material, so the pen can be made slightly thicker without it becoming too heavy. Several transparent urushi layers are applied over the red base color, each of which is dried and then polished. The more layers applied, the darker the final color of the pen will be. With this pen this results in a beautiful dark brown lacquered pen, in which the underlying, in this case, dark red layers become visible in the sharper transitions. The name refers to this;"Tame"means"pond"which refers to the transparency of the top coat and"nuri"means"layer"and refers to the painting process.

The design of the pen is simple and sober, no double rings and no clip. (It is also not recommended to place the cap on the back of the holder because of damage to the beautiful urushi lacquer).

The nibs are 14 carat gold and can be ordered in different writing widths.

Just like the pen, the packaging is sober but neat and stylish. Each pen is packaged in a Paulownia wooden gift box, the pen itself is contained in a small"kimono cloth"pouch. The fountain pen comes with a box of (Platinum) ink cartridges and a converter.

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