Nakaya Portable Cigar Milky Way II fountain pen

€1.694,21 EUR

The Nakaya Portable Cigar Manten (Milky Way II) fountain pen features the Milky Way motif with Raden in spiral shape. This is carefully constructed from small pieces of abalone shell, while in this variant the starry sky has been added, which is realized with very small pieces of finely ground shell. Each pen is hand finished by skilled Maki-e artists in the traditional craft center of Wajima on Japan's west coast, in a process that can take anywhere from six months to a year or more. The fountain pen has a 14 karat gold nib and can be filled with cartridges or with the included converter.

Each pen is packaged in a Paulownia wooden gift box, the pen itself is contained in a small"kimono cloth"pouch. The fountain pen comes with a box of (Platinum) ink cartridges and a converter.

Nakaya fountain pens are made to order, delivery time varies from five to about ten months, but the pens are well worth the wait.

We have a small"iron stock", which we try to maintain. In addition, it is of course possible to order the pen with your specific preference regarding the holder, color urushi and nib from us.

If you are seriously interested in a particular pen, please check availability to avoid disappointment.

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