Otto Hutt D06 Black ballpoint pen

€107,44 EUR

The Otto Hutt D06 Black ballpoint pen convinces with an ergonomically excellent shape. The fittings and the handle part of the shades of orange and olive green are gold-plated. A groundbreaking feeling characterizes design06 - a combination of proven quality and innovative technology.

The new contours and surfaces, which have been worked with special diamond tools, create an overwhelmingly natural composition. The renowned original has been relaunched in terms of processing quality, with barrel and cap made of solid material. The characteristic spring clip and the gently rounded contours and surfaces lie perfectly in the hand, while the colorful lacquered and multi-coated surface ensures a particularly pleasant writing experience.

The model is modern but elegant at the same time. This ballpoint pen is solid black with a lacquer finish, which makes it look very modern. The pen has chrome finishes.

Design06 guarantees unique writing pleasure:elegance and quality made in Germany, harmoniously combined with the new technology.

The delivery time of the Otto Hutt D06 is approximately 7 working days.

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