Van der Spek Luigi Raphael A5 Writing Case black

Item no: 353265

€44,63 EUR

Luigi Raphael is a brand name that has become a household name. Vegetable-tanned buffalo leather gives cachet to a large collection of not only luxury writing cases but also pen pouches and small leather goods in brown and black.

Van der Spek has over 85 years of experience in leather processing. Van der Spek is a leader in the field of writing cases, but the pen cases are also praised. For the production of these products, craftsmanship and quality come first.

The leather hides that Van der Spek uses to manufacture the products are processed exclusively by professionals. The hides are tanned in an environmentally friendly and vegetable way. However, leather is and remains a natural product. As a result, small irregularities are sometimes visible, which underlines the authenticity of this natural and quality product.

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