Visconti Van Gogh Oiran roller

Item no: KP12-22-RB

€198,35 EUR

Visconti's new Van Gogh pen is the Oiran, named after the 1887 painting, better known in our country as 'Courtisane'. Van Gogh painted the work during his Japonaiserie period, in which he was inspired by art and culture from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Van Gogh made this painting after a print by the Japanese artist Kesai Eisen. The print appeared on the cover of the magazine Paris illustré in 1886. Van Gogh copied and enlarged the Japanese lady using a grid. He used bright colors and strong contours, as if it were a woodcut.
Colors that also appear in Van Gogh's painting were used for the pen. The gold-coloured details form a beautiful frame for the play of colours. The packaging of the pen is entirely in style, with a tribute to the painting, which depicts a high-ranking courtesan.

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