Platinum # 3776 Century Black fountain pen

Item no: PL-PNB-10000-1UEF

€144,63 EUR

The Platinum 3776 Century models are available in three colors; the simple black version or in blue or wine red transparent precious resin. The clip and rings are gold plated, the brand name and the # 3776 logo are engraved on the cap rim. The 14 kt gold nibs are made in-house, they are the same ones used in the renowned Nakaya Urushi pens. The 3776 Century models are available in a variety of writing widths; ultra extra fine UEF, extra fine EF fine F, soft fine SF, medium M, wide B, extra wide C.tra breed (C).

The pen can be filled with Platinum cartridges or with the supplied converter. An additional advantage of the "Slip & amp; Seal" mechanism is that it makes it possible to use more heavily pigmented inks. Platinum supplies these types of inks, which are waterproof and lightfast. Platinum guarantees that it is safe to use these pigmented inks in Platinum pens with the "Slip & amp; Seal" mechanism. These types of inks are generally risky in regular fountain pens unless the pen is cleaned after each use.igd.

This is one of the more affordable fountain pens with gold nib, which still has a decent haptic, with the choice of nibs, definitely worth a try!

The pen comes in a gift box with a pattern.

Nib: 14 krt. gold

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