Aurora 8"88"Plutone fountain pen

Item no: 888 - PL-XF

€595,04 EUR
In the series of fountain pens from Aurora that are inspired by our solar system, a beautiful edition will appear mid-May 2020. The barrel and cap are made of marbled light blue auroloide with rhodium finish fittings. This edition is limited to 888 pieces worldwide. The Aurora 88, first manufactured in 1947 in response to the Parker 51, is the most successful pen of this brand, with a perfectly functioning piston system and advanced feed, created in collaboration with Aurora and the famous designer, Marcello Nizzoli. Unique to this Aurora 88 is the hidden ink reservoir that allows you to write at least a few more pages before it is actually empty. Thanks to this technical innovation, the 88 was the first pen to win a place in the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. The beautiful 18 carat gold nib has excellent writing properties. There is a strong "ball clip" on the cap. The pen comes in a black-lacquered wooden gift box with a black interior.

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