Diamine Inkvent 2023

Item no: 167705

€7,40 EUR

The Diamine inkvent ink series Green edition is a series of fountain pen inks that stems from the Diamine inkvent calendar of 2022.

In the series you will find different ink variants. The regular ink from the series are beautiful nostalgic Christmas colors.

The Shimmers have a nice shimmering sparkle.

The Chameleon colors have a multi effect shimmer when used on fountain pen friendly paper.

The Chameleon and Sheen fountain pen inks really pop with sheen and multi-faceted shimmers and fascinatingly varied nuances.

And then there are also combinations with scent (scent) and then in combination with shimmers and sheens. It gets crazier every year! and we love it!

Diamine inkvent green edition comes in a beautiful exclusive ink bottle with a capacity of 50 ML.

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