Kaweco Sport Classic Black GT mechanical pencil 0.7mm

Item no: 1510050

€23,55 EUR

The surprisingly designed "Sport" is without a doubt the most important model ever put on the market by Kaweco. The short barrel is almost completely covered by the long octagonal screw cap. When the pen is closed it can easily be carried in the pocket, with the cap on the back of the holder the pen fits comfortably in the hand. Closed, the pen measures 10.5 cm, with the cap on the back of the holder 13.5 cm. The Kaweco Sport is supplied without a clip, which can be ordered separately.

Kaweco Sport Classic Black GT is available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, mechanical pencil 0.7 mm or as a mechanical pencil 3.2 mm.

Click on the following links to get one kaweco sport retro clip or a Kaweco Sport Classic clip to add to your Kaweco sports pen! The clips are available in different colors.

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