Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Blue Fiordacqua CT fountain pen

€243,80 EUR

This classically designed Leonardo Momento Zero Grande is characterized by the three thin cap rings and the thinner designed clip (with wheel), which refers to the clips of Italian pens from the 1930s. The Leonardo Momento Zero Grande is equipped with a piston mechanism with a capacity of 1.2 ml (so cannot be filled with cartridges). The fountain pen is equipped with an ebonite feed, which is manufactured in their own workshop. The nibs are 14 crt. gold.

Inspired by the famous Italian vintage fountain pens, Leonardo Officina Italiana produces a very interesting collection of fountain pens on a small scale. The collection has been given the name "Momento Zero", which marks a new beginning. The people behind Leonardo Officina Italiana, father and son Salvator Matron, have over 45 years of experience in the manufacture of writing instruments, including at Delta.

Each Leonardo fountain pen comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and the Momento Zero Grande comes in a beautiful gift box with a bottle of ink.

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