Montblanc Muses Marilyn Monroe Pearl roller

Item no: 117885

€785,12 EUR

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) has become an American cultural icon, admired by many around the world. The actress was a student of Lee Strasberg and one of the most popular sex symbols from the fifties of the last century. To this day, she continues to inspire women worldwide, confirming her star status as a culture and style icon time and time again.

The shape of the Muses Marilyn Monroe is inspired by the iconic Ferragamo high heels that Marilyn often wore, this reflected her femininity and sensuality. The color of the barrel and cap is inspired by the iconic white dress that she wore in the movie "The Seven Year Itch".

All the batter is Rosé plated with a fine engraving of diamonds and the signature of Marilyn on the gold-plated bar end. The shape of the clip with the pearl is reminiscent of her desire for pearls and jewelry, after all: "Diamond's are a girls best friend".

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