Montblanc Writers Edition Daniel Defoe set (2014)

Item no: 110509

€2.355,37 EUR

The barrel and cap are made of brown marbled precious resin, referring to the wreckage from which Robinson Crusoe built a primitive house. The beautifully engraved cap rim and barrel end are decorated with ornaments taken from the cover of the book's first edition in 1719. In addition, narrow rings at the cap and barrel end and at the nib show a pattern of leather stitching, as a reminder of the clothes. which he was forced to make himself. Very characteristic is the clip, perhaps looking like a quill, but actually referring to a feather from his faithful companion on the island, the ship's parrot Polly. It's not the only place where Polly can be found, the 18K gold ruthenium plated nib is also engraved with the parrot's head. As with any writer edition, we also find the writer's signature on the barrel of the pen, this time on the side of the cap. The fountain pen is of course equipped with a fixed piston.r.

The Daniel Defoe is available as a fountain pen limited to 10,000 pieces, ballpoint pen limited to 13,000 pieces, roller limited to 8,000 pieces and as a set; fountain pen, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil 0.7mm limited to 1,000 pieces. All writing instruments follow the contours of a paddle in shape, with which he managed to escape from the island.snappen.


18K gold.



 Writing thickness:

Medium M.M)


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