Nakaya cigar long kikyo fountain pen

€1.539,67 EUR

This pen will be delivered in 3 months.

The fountain pen wrapped in goat crease leather. It is called "chari leather" in Japan, named after Mr. Charles Henninger, an American tanner who promoted Western-style leather in Japan around the beginning of the Meiji era. Wrinkled goat leather that has been tanned vertically, horizontally, and diagonally many times with a contracting action of the plant, to create deep irregularities on the surface.

As most processes require expertise, only skilled craftsmen can manufacture these. "Chari leather" is very rare and beautiful leather unique to Japan, it was used as a material for bags. The pen is designed with a low center of gravity and metals are used for the casing and screws. Customization is possible to change the color of the clip, nib, and metal parts. The images below are sample images of some customizations.

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