Parker Duofold Centennial Classic Black GT fountain pen

Item no: 1931381

€648,76 EUR
DThe holder and cap of this Parker Duofold Classic Black CT collection are carefully turned from a solid piece of black precious resin, the ends, clip cap, and barrel end are gold. All the fittings, the clip and the rings, have a palladium finish. The fountain pen has a bi-color 18k gold nib and can be filled with Parker cartridges or with the included converter. The pen comes in a luxury Parker gift box.

The first Parker Duofold was introduced in 1921. It was a revolutionary pen with a distinctive design. It stood out for its large size, bold color, and high purchase price: more than twice as high as the price of the average fountain pen at the time. The Parker Duofold immediately became a success, prompting other pen manufacturers to quickly follow suit. In early 2016, the entire Parker collection was restyled, and a year later, this new collection is now also available in the Netherlands. In addition to the new resin Parker Duofold "Classic" versions, a number of heavier "Prestige" Duofold variants have also been released, the base of these pens is entirely metal with a high-quality finish. Noticeable is the broadly designed cap edge, which is visually composed of three rings, a recognizable historical Parker design element, with "Parker" engraved in the middle ring.


18K gold, bi-color

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