Parker IM Pioneers Collection Arrow Gray Lacquer GT Ballpoint Pen

Item no: 2200954

€58,26 EUR
The Parker IM Arrow gray lacquered GT ballpoint pen. The edges and cap are coated in gold PVC, against a beautiful gray lacquered barrel. Like all Parker pens, the IM is made with care and passion. A snappy ballpoint nib makes for quick and easy use, enhanced by Parker's smooth and consistent Quinkflow ink.

The spirit of Parker founder, George Parker, is recreated in the Pioneers collection. The Parker Arrow collection consists of the classic Duofold, Sonnet, Ingenuity and Parker IM pens and has been designed with the brand's values ​​and history in mind.

The intricate etching on the cap reflects the upward pointing arrow, symbolizing George Parker's progressive thinking and pioneering spirit. The Parker Pioneers Collection celebrates George's pioneering spirit and honors those who move the world forward.

For more than a century, Parker has been a leader in designing and manufacturing the world's finest pens. These pens are not only fine writing instruments, they never let you down. Moreover, they give status to every generation, making Parker pens an ever-present style icon.

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