Pelikan Phoenix Maki-e fountain pen

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Maki-e is the art of Japanese lacquer painting and is renowned for its beauty and craftsmanship. The rare Japanese lacquer Urushi is applied to the fountain pen in a large number of layers and polished repeatedly. The design is drawn on the surface with colored varnish. This technique is called Togidashi-Maki-e. In addition, the artist can mix charcoal powder and gold powder into the paint so that the pattern of the design rises above the surface:When your thumb glides over the painting, you can feel the difference. This is the so-called Taka-Maki technique.

For the Pelikan fountain pen model"Phoenix", the Maki-e artist has harmoniously combined both techniques. The Phoenix is surrounded by numerous meaningful legends. Phoenix is a legendary spiritual bird in Chinese mythology, appearing in myths, ornaments, artwork and architecture in East Asia. He is often depicted as a symbol of virtue, wisdom, beauty and goodness. Phoenix also has the meaning of harmony, peace, femininity, beauty, prosperity, expansion, ascension and success.

The Pelikan"Phoenix"Maki-e fountain pen is a masterpiece that represents the craftsmanship of Pelikan Germany, based on more than 180 years of tradition and technology combined with superior Japanese traditional Maki-e techniques. Each pen features the Pelikan logo on the cap, a limited edition number, and the artist's signature hand-drawn using Maki-e techniques.

  • Finished with 18 carat gold medium nib
  • Supplied in a traditional Japanese gift box made of Paulownia wood.
  • Limited to 123 pieces worldwide

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