Pelikan Souverän M700 Toledo fountain pen

Item no: 927811

€1.169,42 EUR

The art of working with damascus steel dates back thousands of years. Steel and iron are decorated by engraving patterns in the surface. Then a thin layer of gold is applied and worked into the pattern with the help of a small hammer. By subsequently heating the steel to about 800 ° C, the surface will oxidize and turn black, while the gold will shine. This technique traveled with the Arabs to Spain and was perfected over the years, mainly in the famous city of Toledo.

In 1931 Pelikan applied this technique for his Toledo model and this with such success that the design was hardly changed over the years. Today the decorative holder is made of sterling silver, the motif on the mantle is gold-plated. Each Toledo fountain pen is a unique piece, made in Germany. The engravings in the motif are made by hand to bring each pelican feather to life. Due to the time-consuming manual work, a maximum of 200 pieces per month are made.

The cap, the front and back part and are made of black resin. Of course, this pen traditionally has a fixed piston mechanism and the nib is made of 18 krt. gold, available in different writing widths.

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