Secrid Miniwallet Art Collection 'Nightwatch National Museum'

Item no: 4202 3100 90

€74,34 EUR

The Miniwallet from the Secrid Art Collection is compact in size and surprisingly large in storage capacity. With a wide variety of styles and colors, it fits in any pocket.

The patented mechanism allows you to slide your cards out with one simple movement, ready for immediate use. The aluminum protects against bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication.

Wallets have a lot to endure. That is why Secrid always tests every new item and develops it for quality and durability. After extensive testing, Secrid can confirm that the print retains its appeal and does not bleed during use.

Supple Italian calf leather serves as the basis for the Art collection. The artworks are printed on the leather in detail. Show the smallest details such as the cracks in the paint. An engraving on the inside of the wallet tells about the paintings and in which museum it can be found.


4 relief cards or 6 flat cards

4 additional cards


Business cards


Size and weight

65 x 102 x 21mm

72 grams

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