ST Dupont Line D black palladium fountain pen (Medium)

Item no: 410100MXF

€574,38 EUR
The Line D from S.T. Dupont was introduced in 2011 as the successor to the Olympio line. The Line D has recently been completely renewed. The collection is available in two sizes, large and medium. The pen has a long straight barrel, but the cap has a slightly more convex design, this combination gives this series its own look.

S.T. Dupont is renowned for its applied lacquer techniques and has developed a durable lacquer for this D-Line collection. The deep black lacquer, on the barrel and cap, is applied in 6 layers, each polished by hand. The letter D is gracefully designed on the clip cap, surrounded by black lacquer, the spring-mounted solid clip is cut with a diamond pattern.

The fountain pen and roller pen models are characterized by a nice click when closed ... almost equal to the famous 'ping' where the S.T. Dupont lighters are so famous for.

The 14 karat nib is available in various writing widths, refillable with cartridges or the supplied converter. The Line D is also available as a ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and rollerball. The ballpoint is operated with a smooth turning mechanism. The fittings, clip and rings have a Palladium finish.

Nib: 14 krt. gold

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