TWSBI Eco T Rosso fountain pen

Item no: M2531010

€33,02 EUR

TWSBI Eco T Rosso fountain pen. If you are looking for an affordable fountain pen with a piston filling system, the TWSBI ECO is a good choice. This pen has a piston filling system, which means that you don't need refills. In addition, the pen has a transparent barrel, so you can clearly see the ink.

The TWSBI ECO is not only practical, but also very beautiful. The pen has a sleek design and is available in different colors. This way you can completely adapt the pen to your personal style.

The fountain pen can be completely disassembled for maintenance of all loose parts. The instructions are included, but disassembling the TWSBI fountain pens is intended for the experienced user. Disassembling TWSBI fountain pens is at your own risk. It is not necessary for normal use of the fountain pen.

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