TWSBI Vac 700R Iris fountain pen

Item no: M7448160

€90,08 EUR

The TWSBI Vac 700R Iris is a beautiful large fountain pen equipped with a high-vacuum filling mechanism such as Visconti and Pilot have, the big difference is the price. In this Vac 700R Iris, the metal parts have an iridescent surface in the colors of the rainbow. No two pens are the same.

Holder and cap are made of strong polycarbonate with a high optical purity. With one simple piston movement, a vacuum is created in the container which is broken at the end of the "stroke". When the nib is now properly immersed in the ink, this vacuum is immediately filled with the available ink. The principle is not new, Onoto already applied this in 1910. Now, however, the holder is divided into two compartments, one that feeds the nib and one that functions as a "reserve tank". This makes the pen safe to take with you on the plane. This fountain pen can also easily be completely disassembled, a key and some grease for the piston are included in the packaging.

Especially with a dismantler like this this is extra fun, after all, there is always ink in places where you do not want or would not expect it. Because the pen can be completely disassembled, it can be cleaned perfectly. Clear instructions for this are included in the packaging. The nibs are available from steel in different writing widths.

Nib: Steel

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