Waterman Expert Deluxe Metallic Blue CT Fountain Pen

Item no: 2187650

€178,51 EUR

Aquarius Expert symbolizes ambition and success and has an assertive and powerful silhouette that gives self-confidence on every occasion. The Expert Deluxe Blue has a striking combination of a powder-coated blue body and a silver cap with a wave pattern.

Timeless design

The exceptional combination of modern elements and traditional styling creates a timelessly luxurious pen. In the professional world where first impressions matter, the Expert is a pen you can rely on to make your mark.

Fine materials

Handcrafted in France, Expert features a modern finish and a wealth of exquisite materials, including rich, deep lacquers, fine engravings and an elegant nib that delivers a smooth and effortless writing experience.

Fountain pens

The masterfully crafted Expert fountain pen makes an impressive statement with uniquely crafted nibs. Combined with Waterman inks, Expert fountain pens reflect your signature style and provide a luxurious and uniquely fine writing experience.

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